Karndean flooring

Karndean design flooring

replicates the look and feel of natural materials, such as:

Slate, ceramic, marble, glass, limestone, wood

Made from an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl, Karndean comes without the drawbacks of some natural products and is much warmer and quieter under foot, offering any home or business an easy and low cost flooring option.

As Karndean comes in individual planks and Carpets Poole the product offers a significant advantage to make sure that you get the personal touch you need to your bespoke flooring.

Karndean Specialists Poole
Karndean Specialists Poole

Why choose Karndean?

Not only do they provide the ultimate in design flooring, but their products also have some very practical features and benefits:

Warm and quiet

Elegant slate, classic stone and contemporary wooden planks all look gorgeous in the modern home. Their floors recreate these desirable styles without the hassle of noisy floorboards or chilly stone tiles to contend with.

Durable and low maintenance

Karndean flooring has been crafted to withstand the toughest environments, from a child’s nursery to high street stores. This means your floor won’t splinter, chip or crack under strain. And it will always look its best, with minimum maintenance.


From slate to ceramic, oak to pine, each of the ranges has a crafted, individual feel. And with a large array of products, coupled with a diverse range of design and border options, there’s scope to create your own unique, personalised look.


Whether its hand crafted wood or natural stone tiles, textured oak or a terracotta effect, their products perfectly replicate the look and feel of nature with the versatility of vinyl. This means you can have the effect of natural, stylish flooring, with none of the disadvantages.

Hygienic and versatile

In a family home, hygiene is particularly important. With Karndean, bacteria and dirt cannot latch into cracks, and surfaces simply wipe clean. Their stylish flooring can tackle almost anything – from bathroom spillages to kitchen calamities.