Cushion Flooring Dorset

Have you been searching for a reliable supplier of cushion flooring? Bournemouth residents, you’re in luck, as Dorset Contract Flooring Ltd have a range of flooring options to choose from. If you’d like to find out how our services could benefit you, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team today. You can give us a call on 01202 300 700, or send an email to, where we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Highly Durable Bournemouth Cushion Flooring

Here at Dorset Contract Flooring Ltd, we’re proud to be many people’s first choice company for cushion flooring. Bournemouth clients will be blown away by our high-quality products and professional installation service. Read on to learn more about the flooring we have available and discover why we’re such a popular company in Dorset.

We have been operating for over fifteen years, and in that time have built up an excellent reputation throughout the county. All of our staff have plenty of relevant experience and are fully qualified to install a range of flooring competently. It is because of our extensive product knowledge and past successes that many choose us for cushion flooring in Bournemouth.

The Best Cushion Flooring Bournemouth Clients Can Get

We at Dorset Contract Flooring Ltd believe that there are many advantages to having cushion flooring in your building. For a start, it is aesthetically appealing and will brighten up any room it is fitted into. Cushion flooring is also incredibly easy to install so you can even do it yourself should you desire. Benefits such as these are why you should consider contacting us for Bournemouth cushion flooring.

Once you have chosen the flooring that is suitable for your property, our team will schedule a visit to your site to have it installed. We are aware that this installation process can be disruptive, so we’ll work quickly and efficiently in order to finish as soon as possible. This straightforward and effective installation approach is why many consider us the best company for cushion flooring Bournemouth has available.

Cushion Flooring Bournemouth Aside from our excellent cushion flooring in Bournemouth, we at Dorset Contract Flooring Ltd also offer other surface types, including:

We realise that different flooring is required depending on your property. It is for this reason that we’ve expanded our selection of products to cater to more clients. We’re confident in being able to offer the same high standard of service regardless of what flooring you require. Our broad range of carpets Dorset and flexible team makes us the most versatile provider of cushion flooring Bournemouth has available.

Why Choose Us for Cushion Flooring in Bournemouth

While it is vital for us to provide high-quality products, we at Dorset Contract Flooring Ltd also aim to deliver first-class service. We will work closely with clients to discuss their needs and ensure that they’re satisfied with all aspects of our service. It is thanks to this consistently high level of service that many consider us to be the best company for cushion flooring Bournemouth clients have available.

If you’d like to get a better idea of what our flooring looks like, be sure to check out our dedicated online gallery. On this page, we have pictures that show off some work from recent flooring projects. Once you’ve seen some of our products for yourself, you’re sure to be convinced that we’re the best choice for Bournemouth cushion flooring.

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So, if you think you could benefit from our cushion flooring, Bournemouth clients should get in touch with us at Dorset Contract Flooring Ltd today. To learn more about our excellent flooring options, give our friendly team a call today on 01202 300 700. Alternatively, send your enquiry to, and we’ll get back to you with the required information as soon as possible.